ALLNET VDI Zero Client ZC-2321P 2x DVI PoE IEEE802.3at

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The PCoIPTM technology is designed to deliver a user’s desktop from a centralized host PC or server with an immaculate, uncompromised end user experience across standard IP networks – including full quad or dual DVI monitor video, complete USB compatibility, and full-duplex high-definition audio. The new ALLNET ZC-2321P PCoIP zero client is a portal device (5.906 x 5.118 x 1.772 inches) based on the proprietary Teradici® TERA2321 Portal processor that resides in a remote client access device.

The PCoIP Host/Client system separates the user from the PC or workstation, which provides both increased security and needs minimal IT administration and support overhead for the enterprise while giving end users complete remote display and I/O functionality for personal computer (PC) or workstation graphics user interfaces. The system includes a PCoIP Software Agent or PCoIP Host Processor at the host Virtual Machine or PC/Workstation that encodes the display, USB and audio signals before transmitting them over an IP network. The PCoIP Zero Client at the remote site receives and decodes these signals, creating standard PC interfaces for the display, USB peripherals and PC audio. The PCoIP system also supports a reverse communication path for items like USB keyboards, mouse, microphone audio and other peripherals. It is connected to the network via standard Ethernet using RJ45 at 10/100/1000Mbps.

The second-generation PCoIP Host/Client system provides the following benefits:

  • Wide range of applications from very robust personal workstations to simple kiosks
  • Support for up to four 1920×1200 high-resolution, perception-free DVI video outputs and USB 2.0 peripherals allows PC or workstation relocation to the datacenter or computer room without compromising end user experience or productivity
  • High cost effectiveness when integrated into PCs or workstations
  • Robust PC experience delivered to the end user without the need for Terminal Services protocols
  • Performance using existing enterprise networks, enabling low cost, straightforward kiosk or digital signage functionality.

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The ALLNET ZC-2321 PCoIP zero client ships with two 2Gbit of DDR3 memory and supports two DVI, four USB, a Speaker, a Microphone, a Headphone and a RJ45 Ethernet connectors. Output is driven by the DVI ports for video and USB 2.0 ports for peripheral and I/O connections. The ALLNET ZC-2321 PoE zero client features Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) which allows a single cable to provide both Ethernet connection and electrical power to the device. The net result is a fan-less and reliable client-side device that requires minimal IT administration and support since all processing resides on the host PC orworkstation.

This client device is compatible with TERA22xx and TERA1202 host cards, and VMware® ViewTM 4.5 or later.

Key Features


  • Processor: TERA2321 PCoIP Portal Processor
  • Process: 65nm G-process CMOS
  • Package size: 396-ball FCBGA (21 x 21 mm package), 1.0 mm ball pitch


  • 6 layer printed circuit board (PCB), 4-layer PoE daughter printed circuit board, and 2-layer LED/button daughter printed circuit board
  • Main PCB physical dimensions: 5.256 inches (height) X 4.724 inches (length)
  • Device physical dimensions: 5.906 inches (height) x 5.118 inches (length) x 1.772 inches (thinness)
  • Board power: 6.5 watts without USB devices attached
                        19.0 watts with 4 high power consumed USB devices and the external power adapter attached
  • Thermal: Passive heat sink


  • One single-link DVI-D connector
  •  One single-link DVI-I connector
      Note: The TERA2321 device can support
               – One display with a maximum of 2560×1600 resolution using an external custom dual-link DVI cable
               – Two displays, each with a maximum of 1920×1200 resolution
  • Two front Type-A USB 2.0 connectors
  • Two rear Type-A USB 2.0 connectors
  • 3.5mm Headphone jack
  • 3.5mm Microphone jack
  • 3.5mm Speaker jack
  • Ethernet connector
                                10/100/1000Base-T copper interface with Link and Activity LEDs
                                Supports Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)
  • 12VDC Power jack (optional for external power adapter)


  • 2 x 2048 Mbit 16-bit DDR3 DRAM devices (512MB DDR3)
  • 256 Mbit of serial flash for high-speed system booting


  • High Definition Audio serial link. Supports a single audio codec.


  • Four type-A USB 2.0 interfaces
  • USB 2.0 bulk support
  • USB 1.1 isochronous support
  • Support up to 500mA per USB port
                – In IEEE 802.3af PoE mode, the two rear USB ports can only support 100mA, 0.5 watts USB devices. We highly suggest connecting keyboard and mouse in the rear USB ports
                – In IEEE 802.3at PoE mode, if you are using 2-Event Classification protocol, you are able to get full (500mA) powered rear USB ports. LLDP support requires future firmware support.
  • Support configurable Wake-on-USB (WoUSB) for remote-wakeup capable USB devices
  • Overcurrent and power down logic to complement standard power regulators

10/100/1000 Ethernet Media Access Controller

  • Dedicated for PCoIP traffic
  • Auto-negotiation of link speed and duplex mode
  • Flow control using back pressure for half-duplex mode and pause frames (IEEE 802.3x) for full-duplex mode
  • Support Wake-on-LAN (WoL) using magic packet


  • Wire speed AES GCM 128/256 bit encryption/decryption for network traffic
  • Management communication protected by SSL


The ALLNET ZC-2321P PCoIP zero client conforms to the small, simple (5.906 inches by 5.118 inches) device using the TERA2321 Portal processor.

Genial-Media GbR

VESA Mount (Optional)

                                                  The dimension of the optional VESA Mount kit is 4.921×4.646×1.811 inches.

Genial-Media GbR

Operating System Support

       Completely operating system independent

  • Windows® 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8
  • Linux

System Requirements

  • One DVI or one VGA compatible monitors
  • USB keyboard and mouse
  • Optional: PC speakers and other USB peripherals
  • Ethernet LAN switch or router (10/100/1000 Mbps) as Ethernet and power sourcing equipment
  • TERA2321 PCoIP client device is compatible with TERA1 and TERA2 PCoIP host cards as well as software PCoIP client solutions (However, to take full advantage of the advanced features of the TERA2 family of devices, a host card based on the TERA2 host processors must be used.)

Package Content

  • TERA2321 PCoIP PoE zero client device
  • Power adapter and power Cord (optional)
  • Dual single-link DVI to one dual-link DVI cable x 1 (Optional)
  • Quick installation guide

Certificates and Agencies

  • Conformité Européenne (CE)
  • Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
  • Canada ICES/NMB-003 Class/Classe B
  • Voluntary Control Council for Interference (VCCI)
  • Underwriters Laboratories (UL)
  • TUV-GS
  • CCC
  • C-Tick
  • KCC
  • GOST
  • BSMI
  • RoHS

Technical Details

Specification Description
Chip TERA2321 Portal Processor
Chip package size 21 mm x 21 mm
Memory type 2pcs 2048 Mbit 16-bit DDR3 DRAM (512MB DDR3)
Physical dimensions 5.906 inches (height) x 5.118 inches (length) x 1.772 inches
Maximum device power 6.5 watts without USB devices attached
19.0 watts with 4 high power consumed USB devices and the
external power adapter attached
Connectors One DVI-D connector
One DVI-I connector
Two front USB 2.0 connectors
Two rear USB 2.0 connectors
3.5mm Headphone jack
3.5mm Microphone jack
3.5mm Speaker jack
RJ45 Ethernet connector for 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet
connection and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)
12VDC Power jack (optional for external power adapter)
LEDs on the bracket PCoIP connect LED for PCoIP session
Power LED on Portal Power Button
Button Portal Power Button
Thermal cooling solution Passive heat sink
Mean time between failure
145,636 hours at controlled 55? environment
Gewicht 1 kg



Zero Client-RDP


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